Meet Our New College Interns!

10/05/2012 11:05 am / by / no comments

Meet our new college interns! Stop by on the weekend and you might get to try some art-making with our resident experts! On Saturdays, you can meet Thamar she also goes by Tammi who hails from the Boston area. Thamar studies Fine and Performing Arts right down the road at MCLA. She has gallery experience from working MCLA’s Gallery 51, and she loves making paper crafts just check out that hand-made flower in her hair! And if you come by on a Sunday, be sure to chat with Sarah, a freshman at Williams College. She comes to us from New York City, where she was involved in the teen program at the Whitney Museum of American Art. She’s incredible at drawing but also really loves math. As you can tell by her photo, she’s often pondering deep and serious issues while stroking her pipe-cleaner mustache. So come say hi this weekend!