What are tweens curious about?

10/18/2012 9:20 am / by / no comments

In our continued survey asking students who visit Kidspace: “What are you curious about?” here are some recent responses from the tween sector:

1. Why are there so many different colors?
2. How did everything get named?
3. The Butterfly Effect
4. Cars/engines/dirt bikes/motorcycles/snowmobiles
5. How is genetically modifying food possible?
6. Is there a line where our universe and Heaven meet?
7. Why can’t we feel the earth spinning?
8. Do all ninjas wear black, or do some try to blend in by wearing normal clothes?
9. Where do last names come from?
10. How many acres of forest are in America?
11. How can we possibly know that some animals can only see black and white?
12. That guy who jumped from outer space- why?!?
13. How come all living creatures have so many different shapes and sizes?
14. What will iPhone 13 be like?
15. Why are there so many languages?
16. Are some people born naturally evil or do they learn that?
17. Are we alone in the universe?
18. Did people really land on the moon or was it a hoax?
19. How come everyone sings with an American accent?
20. Cardboard- it’s amazing.