Tricks AND Treats for 3rd graders!

10/30/2012 3:52 pm / by / no comments
Some kids in this town really like LEGOs — and those kids have been asking Shannon, Education Coordinator and fearless leader of our After-School groups, to have a LEGO-themed group for three years. Now three years is a considerable percentage of an 8-year-old’s life, so it’s no wonder they were let down when, upon their arrival to MASS MoCA on the day of the much-anticipated LEGO club, they were told there had been a mistake. “We already had the LEGO club this week; you guys are Swashbluckling Scavenger Hunters,” they were told.

Although there were no breakdowns, no tears, these third graders were majorly bummed out.

Being good sports, and inadvertently Swashbuckling Scavenger Hunters, the students continued on the hunt. Before we even began, the group was having a good time, almost having forgotten their disappointment at the afternoon’s lack of LEGOs. (Almost.)

With Shannon, the kids followed their directions through the museum…

Making their way through almost every exhibit at the museum, and carefully following the directions, the students finally arrived at a mysterious green door. The last Swashbuckler read aloud his instructions: “Open the heavy green door and find the treasure inside.”

Lo and behold, the treasure was something truly awesome. They had arrived at a room set up with big buckets of LEGOs.

At last! There WERE LEGOs, after all!