Tutorial! Shaving Cream Prints

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DSC08332It’s a Kidspace favorite; it’s beautiful, it’s inexpensive, it smells good… and you can even get messy. What could be better? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • shaving cream
  • liquid water color or food coloring
  • a toothpick
  • a popsicle stick
  • paper (thick paper works best)
  • paper towels and willingness to get a little messy!
  1. Squirt a good dollop of shaving cream onto a tray or plate. You’ll want the mound to be as big as your fist, or a little bigger.
  2. Drop on a few droplets (you only need a little bit!) of liquid water color or food coloring onto your shaving cream. Spread out your droplets; you don’t want different colors to overlap too much.DSC08331
  3. With your toothpick, swirl your colors together. Be careful not to mix too much, since that will make the colors combine into a dull grey.
  4. Place a clean piece of paper on top of the swirly colorful shaving cream. It only needs to touch gently.
  5. Use your popsicle stick like a snow plow to scrape all that excess shaving cream from the paper.
VOILA! You’ve uncovered a beautiful marbled print underneath! It only takes a minute to dry. It can also be fun to draw or write with permanent marker on top of the print (once it’s dry). Maybe look for interesting shapes, like in clouds, and use the marker to bring them out. Or experiment with putting strips of masking tape on the paper before you place it in the shaving cream — you can peel it off at the end to leave clean white stripes to write inside.DSC08334