Tutorial! Fairy and Gnome Houses

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We love building fairy houses!
Although there are some amazing resources out there for truly stellar houses, it doesn’t have to be a complicated project.
Begin by gathering a few simple supplies. We encourage using natural materials whenever possible, since you’ll be creating these right in your yard or your favorite patch of woods.

Sticks- Look for a variety of sizes and interesting shapes.
(or another natural fiber string)
Clay (air-dry clay from a craft store, or if you really want to get wild harvest some from a riverbed)
Any other natural materials you like

1. Just dive in
Think about building shapes and structures.
Cubes and pyramids make good bases.
Use the sticks, clay and string to create a sturdy base.


2. Use your imagination!
Decorate your base with flowers, feathers, grass and anything else that inspires you.
What might fairies like to do in your house?
Would gnomes want to play or take a nap in your space?
Perhaps you want to add some furniture?

3. Find a good home for your home.
A sunny spot, a shady knoll, a quiet corner near your favorite tree will make a great location for your creation.

Have you made a fairy house or gnome home of your own? Share it with us on our Facebook page!
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