Annual Shared Theme

Under the umbrella of a shared theme, each of the three museums presents its program of exhibitions, artists’ residencies, performances, specialized tours, and/ or art-making activities. This provides multiple perspectives on the shared theme.


2012-13: Curiosity

Each of the three museums has organized exhibitions that delve into the topic of curiosity from the perspective of children, adult artists, and museums. In addition, a collaborative curriculum guide was designed to help teachers to direct students towards an active awareness of how they think, and how they can harness their curiosity for use in the classroom and beyond. Over the summer of 2012, Kidspace Inc. organized its inaugural Summer Institute on the theme of curiosity.


Kidspace @ MASS MoCA: Curiosity
June 23, 2012 – May 28, 2013











Kidspace @ the Clark: Lions, Tigers, and Museums, Oh My!
November 10, 2012 – March 31, 2013






Kidspace @ WCMA: Artistic Curiosity
November 10, 2012 – April 21, 2013












2013-14: Word

Word will explore the contexts in which words are used, and how artists visually express their meanings. The goal of this project is to help children expand their visual vocabulary, understanding that there are many possible visual descriptions and symbols for words. The underlying message to children is that word choices are significant and that words that cause conflict or a hostile environment can be transformed into positive, mindful ways of communicating.


2014-15: Inner/Outer

Inner/Outer will be an exploration of how inner and outer worlds exist simultaneously. These worlds can be physical in nature such as architecture or the human body, or social constructs such as attitudes and behaviors. How do artists show the multiplicity of ways in which we can understand and experience inner and outer spaces?

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